Visiting Researcher Dr Benjamin Fuchs, IETR, Rennes, France

Thursday 13 Jun 19


Michael Mattes
Associate Professor
DTU Electrical Engineering
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Visiting Researcher Dr Benjamin Fuchs, IETR, Rennes, France

From 29 May to 9 June 2019, Dr Benjamin Fuchs from the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes, France, was visiting the Electromagnetic Systems (EMS) group. His research interests revolve around electromagnetic signal processing for antenna synthesis and microwave inverse problems. More specifically, he is working on array synthesis, antenna diagnostic, phase retrieval and procedures for fast antenna characterization. In a seminar, Dr Fuchs provided an overview on phase-less antenna measurements and fast antenna characterization techniques employing reduced order models.

Together with Associated Professor Michael Mattes from the EMS group he his working on microwave imaging of the human brain for diagnosis and follow-up of neurological diseases and injuries (e.g., stroke, haematoma) and phase-less antenna measurements.

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