Study environment

The study environment is informal, and you have good contact with the scientific and technical staff.
soeren_helstrup_kvist_150Søren says
“Ever since the first electromagnetics course as an E.E. student at DTU,  my interest has been captured and my study focused on antennas, RF and microwave techniques. This led to my M.Sc. project carried out at the Danish hearing aid manufacturer GN ReSound, which was a very rewarding experience. After that, I was offered the opportunity to be a PhD student at DTU, and to carry out the PhD project in close cooperation with GN Resound. This has been a huge success, so far, since I really like the close contact with the industry, and the fact that my research as a PhD student is directly related to real-life problems.

The study environment and work atmosphere at the Electromagnetic
Systems Group is in my opinion great. People are always kind and in
a friendly mood, which makes this a nice place to be a student.”

Laboratory facilities
EMIlab is a student facility for HF measurements, equipped with oscilloscopes, 3 GHz vector network analyzers, 7 GHz spectrum analyzers, high precision signal generators and standard measurement equipment.

The laboratory is used intensively in the introductory courses on electromagnetism, 31035 for BEng and 31400 for BSc students where up to six teams may work simultaneously. Also, it may be used in connection with special courses and during project work.

Students with special courses and project work also use our electronics workshop, often under the guidance of a technician.

Project and course work

The project work is carried out in offices as close as possible to the supervisor. Permanent work places are available for project students. Additionally, a data-bar with licensed industry-standard software, like Ansoft HFSS, for design of antennas and HF/microwave components is available for our project students. This data-bar also serves as a meeting point for students on regular courses.

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