Student projects

Electromagnetic systems offers student projects at all levels, typically linked to our research. Student projects, however, are sometimes also used to probe new applications or research fields, so you may be covering completely new land during your project.

BEng, BSc or MSc projects are often carried out in collaboration with companies. Additionally, we offer small projects suitable for the 31015 Introductory Project (fagprojekt) mandatory for BSc students. The third type of projects is small "Special courses", often carried out as an introduction to BEng, BSc or MSc projects.  

Contact a potential supervisor

The best way to arrange a student project is to contact a potential supervisor either by e-mail or by visiting the office. He or she may suggest another supervisor, if your interests fit another supervisor better. 

You may use the list of project examples below as a guide. Sometimes the project description fits both the student and the supervisor, but often projects are available which do not have an official description yet. The latter type often results in the best projects, due to their immediate relevance both for the student and the supervisor.   

Project examples 

Below we have listed a few student project examples:

Contact persons

You are always very welcome to contact one of the contact persons below in regards to a student project.




Associate Professor
Samel Arslanagic


Associate Professor
Kaj Bjarne Jakobsen


Associate Professor
Vitaliy Zhurbenko


Associate Professor
Tom Keinicke Johansen 

Associate Professor
Michael Mattes