Advanced techniques for EMI control and EMC optimization in miniaturized devices

By Andrea Ruaro

One of the well-established tends in electronics is miniaturization: this assumes a whole new perspective when it is considered that radio, digital, and audio sub-system must coexist on a physically- and electrically-small PCB, as it is today in the hearing aids. The overall quality of the stystem can be easily degraded by overlooking the interactions of these elsctronics subsystems.

The lack of freedom in both the electrical and mechanical design forbids traditional, space-demanding EMC techniques, whereas the advent of modern multi-physics and co-simulation tools is paving the way to the analysis of the dynamic underlying self-jamming. The project is based on a full electromagnetic modeling approach (i.e., the use of Maxwell's Equations) to ease the understanding at system level.

Ideally, the project will provide enhanced understanding of the physics interactions within complex, miniturized environments and develop techiques for EMC optimization.

Completed: 2016