PhD projects

PhD projects at Electromagnetic Systems.

Current PhD Projects

Advanced Near-Field Antenna Measurement Techniques
Kyriakos Kaslis
To be completed: 2024

Wireless Communication for Hearing Instruments
Jonas Ørnskov Nielsen
To be completed: 2023

Fast Full-Wave Methods for Irregular Antenna Arrays for Space Applications
Magnus Brandt-Møller
To be completed: 2023

Probe-corrected Phaseless Near-field Antenna Measurements
Javier Fernandez Alvarez
To be completed: 2022

Cryogenic Array Coil for Brain MRI
Wenjun Wang
To be completed: 2022

Design Approaches for Terahertz electronics using Active Device Configurations
Arsen Turhaner
To be completed: 2020

Nano-Photonic Circuits for Optical Communication
Ugur Meric Gür
To be completed: 2021

High-Speed Integrated Circuits for Quasi-Coherent Optical Receivers
Guillermo Silva Valdecasa
To be completed: 2021

Recently completed PhD Projects

Millimeter-wave Near-field Antenna Measurements
Paula Irina Muntianu
Completed: 2020

Active nanophotonic antenna arrays for effective light-matter interactions
Piotr Marek Kaminski
Completed: 2019

Strategies for Hybrid Integration and Packaging at Millimeter-Wave and THz Frequencies
Yunfeng Dong
Completed: 2019

Cryogenic Single and Array Coils for Magnetic Resonance Systems
Daniel Højrup Johansen
Completed: 2019

Reconfigurable Microwave Filters
Bruno Cimoli
Completed: 2019

Inp DHBT MMIC Power Amplifirs for mm-Wave Applications
Michele Squartecchia
Completed: 2018

InP DHBT Optimization for Millimeter-Wave Power Applications
Verginio Midili
Completed: 2018

Analysis and Design of Wideband Matched Feeds for Reflector Antennas
Michael Forum Palvig
Completed: 2018

Wireless Communication for Custom Hearing Aids
Nikolaj Kammersgaard
Completed: 2018

Reconfigurable Microwave Filters for Communication Systems
Öncel Acar
Completed: 2016

Advanced techniques for EMI control and EMC optimization in miniaturized devices
Andrea Ruaro
Completed: 2016

Custom made front-end MMIC for X-band radar, with focus on low phase- and 1/f-noise
Rasmus Schandorph Michaelsen
Completed: 2016

Microwave activation of drug release
Sævar Thor Jonassen
Completed : 2015

Homogenization and Realization of Periodically structured Materials
Niels Christian Jerichau Clausen
Completed: 2015

Assessment and Development of Microwave Imaging for Breast Cancer Detection
Peter Damsgaard Jensen
Completed: 2014

Metamaterial Homogenization and Antenna Miniaturization
Troels Vejle Hansen
Completed: 2013

Hybrid Maritime Satellite Communication Antenna
Thomas Gunst Schmidt 
Completed: 2013

Antennas and Propagation for Body-Centric Wireless Communication.
Søren Helstrup Kvist 
Completed: 2012

Microwave Instrument for vital signs detection and monitoring
Brian Sveistrup Jensen
Completed: 2012

Development of high power amplifiers for radar applications
Carlos Cilla Hernández
Completed: 2011

Accurate Modelling of Advanced Reflect arrays
Min Zhou
Completed: 2012

Design of integrated circuits approaching terahertz frequencies
Lei Yan
Completed: 2012

Wireless communication for hearing aid systems
Baqer Nour
Completed: 2011

Antenna miniaturization in complex environments
Jiaying Zhang
Completed: 2011 

Highly compact radar circuits utilizing LTCC technology
Thomas Jensen
Completed: 2010

Microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuit systems in packaging
Chenhui Jiang
Completed: 2009

Microwave and millimeter-wave signal power generation
Dzenan Hadziabdic
Completed: 2009