Wireless communication for hearing aid systems

By Baqer Nour

The objective is to develop key technologies enabling very small autonomous devices – like e.g. hearing aids – to be incorporated in wireless networks. A key bottleneck as regards the practical realization is the size and efficiency of the antennas and the supply and consumption of energy of the devices. Specific focus will be on antennas, encapsulation and packaging, and wireless transfer of power.

The project comprises three major areas of investigation – ear-to-ear communication, propagation measurements and magneto-dielectric antennas. Wireless coupling between hearing aids will be characterized based on theoretical simulation and practical measurements during the first half of the project. The second part will be concerned with the minimization of antennas using materials that have a high permittivity and permeability.

Most studies of wireless communication concern far-field communication, while this project is focused on communication in the reactive region of antennas.

Completed: 2012

Completed by


Baqer Nour