Microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuit systems in packaging

By Chenhui Jiang

When integrated circuits operate in the millimeter-wave range even approaching the terahertz range, the parasitic effects due to the packaging and interconnection structures may deteriorate the performance of the systems. The packaging designs for millimeter-wave integrated circuits are very challenging and crucial for achieving the desired performance in relevant applications.

Accurate 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation techniques are developed to investigate the parasitic effects in various packaging and interconnection structures. The EM simulation is innovatively extended to model devices, such as photodetectors. A photodetector package for 100 Gbit/s Ethernet applications is designed with 3dB bandwidth exceeding 100 GHz by using 3D EM simulations.

Successful packaging designs aiming at millimeter-wave applications offer the possibility of integrating systems with superior performance and limited parasitic effects.

Completed: 2009


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Chenhui Jiang