Microwave and millimeter-wave signal power generation

By Dzenan Hadziabdic

Microwave and mm-wave high-speed communication systems and high-resolution radars require efficient generation of linear signal power. Distortion in communication channels and radar applications originates largely from high-power amplifiers (HPAs). Power consumption in a transmitter is highly dependent on the PA's efficiency. Besides HPAs, the emerging mm-wave communication systems require low-noise tuneable quadrature oscillators (QVCOs).

One objective is to assess GaN HEMT technology with respect to linear efficient generation of high signal power. A two-stage HPA MMIC has been developed. The second objective is the mm-wave technology study and development of an InP HBT based E-band HPA. Detailed comparison with a SiGe HBT technology has been performed using an accurately extracted model of a SiGe device. Another circuit developed in InP HBT technology is an mm-wave QVCO.

High breakdown technologies such as GaN HEMT and InP HBT are very suitable for the construction of HPA and oscillator circuits with high efficiency, power and frequency of operation.

Completed: 2009

Completed by


Dzenan Hadziabdic