Antenna miniaturization in complex environments

By Jiaying Zhang

Hearing aids already constitute an advanced technology, and wireless communication integrated into hearing aids will open for a range of completely new functionalities. The antenna is an important component in wireless systems, and the demand for compact systems with stringent specifications makes antenna size reduction a significant challenge. Antenna miniaturization is one of the key technologies in designing a successful wireless unit.

This project aims at designing ultra miniaturized antenna systems for hearing aids, in which the antennas are geometrically and electrically small. The antennas are to function in very complex environments influencing the performance of the antennas significantly, and this fact should be taken into account. The development of a highly accurate measurement facility is necessary to investigate the performance of small antennas.

The antenna miniaturization technique is of high importance as regards the design of compact wireless networks and devices. 

Completed: 2011

Completed by


Jiayin Zhang