Accurate Modelling of Advanced Reflect arrays

By Min Zhou

Reflect arrays combine the best features of reflector antennas and array antennas, and is considered as a promising candidate for realizing low-cost high-gain antennas for satellite communications. The design and realization of advanced reflect arrays rely heavily on numerical analysis and accurate analysis of reflect arrays is presently a challenging problem. In addition, reflect arrays tend to have smaller frequency bandwidth compared to conventional reflector antennas.

This project is aimed at proposing solutions to the lack of accuracy in present reflect array modelling and to develop new algorithms for synthesizing and analyzing reflectarrays. The project will set a new standard for the modelling accuracy of reflectarrays and consequently make it possible to design such antennas with much better agreement between measurements and simulations.

It is expected that improved modelling tools will enhance the performance and usability of reflect arrays, and greatly contribute to solving the bandwidth issue associated with reflect arrays. 

Completed: 2013

Completed by


  Min Zhou