Wireless Communication for Custom Hearing Aids

By Nikolaj Kammersgaard 

Wireless communication is used in a wide range of body-worn devices for either off-body or on-body communication. The devices are used for a plethora of applications from smart phones to medical equipment. The antenna design challenge is that the antenna is confined to a small volume and further experiences loss and detuning from the proximity of human tissue.

The focus of the project is to implement or improve the wireless capabilities in hearing aids especially at 2.45 GHz. The focus will be on small custom hearing aids that are placed in the ear canal. The devices are tiny and customized to the individual user. The radio channels for on- and off-body wireless communication will be characterized and suitable antennas are to be designed.

Hearing aids with wireless capabilities have many novel features compared to standard hearing aids. This capability increases the usability and the acoustic performance.

Completed: 2017