Millimeter-wave Near-field Antenna Measurements

By Paula Irina Popa


Steady trends in achieving higher data transfer rates through wireless connections result in using wider channel bandwidth and thus exploiting higher operation frequencies towards millimeter-wave (MMW) bands (>30 GHz). It is expected that the demand for high-accuracy antenna measurements up to 100 GHz will increase. Hence, advancement of the operational capability to MMW bands aiming at high-accuracy antenna measurements has high priority.

Extending operational capability of an antenna measurement setup to MMW requires procurement and implementation of the necessary hardware, and detailed investigation and mitigation of near field uncertainty sources. Applicability of correction techniques to the MMW near field uncertainties will be studied by carrying out appropriate simulations and by performing experimental validation. Phase less measurements will be carried out.

The aim of the project is to achieve the capability to perform high-accuracy spherical near-field antenna measurements in 40-110GHz band.


To be completed: 2019