Active nanophotonic antenna arrays for effective light-matter interactions

By Piotr Marek Kamiński

There is a world-wide race to increase the speed of the devices and systems that form the core of our information society. The higher the data rate, the more beneficial it is to use optical communications. However, it is now clear that conventional techniques to scale the capacity will fail to meet the demand within the next two decades. Consequently, major breakthroughs are needed.

The goal of the present PhD project is to examine and further improve the performance characteristics of photonic crystal based lasers with the final aim of achieving coherent radiation by quantum emitters situated in an environment of strong local fields. The initial efforts will investigate the PCSEL configuration in Fig. 1 due to its remarkable high-power surface emission, but also due to its suitability within the NATEC project.


Figure 1. Schematic of the considered PCSEL structure


The project aims to provide novel photonic crystal/nano-antenna/metasurface configurations for efficient and coherent quantum emitter radiation suitable for experimental verifications.

To be completed: 2019