Antennas and Propagation for Body-Centric Wireless Communication.

By Søren Helstrup Kvist 

Body-Centric Wireless Communication is the enabling element of Wireless Body Area Networks, consisting of two or more body-worn devices. These devices could e.g. be medical sensors for monitoring the health of a patient, or wireless headsets. The challenge is twofold when designing antennas for such devices; The close proximity of human tissue drastically affects antenna performance, and the antenna is often confined to a small volume.

The project focuses on the implementation of wireless capabilities in hearing aids. These tiny, yet highly advanced devices constitute a challenging platform for wireless communications. The hearing aids should be able to communicate among themselves, and with other devices, either body-worn or off-body. The applicable radio channels will be characterized, and appropriate antennas designed.

Wireless-enabled hearing aids offer a range of new features compared to traditional hearing aids. 

Completed: 2014