Highly compact radar circuits utilizing LTCC technology

By Thomas Jensen

The project aims at developing LTCC technology suitable for integration of existing Doppler radar systems, such as those of Weibel’s Scientific radar systems. The goal is to achieve a drastic reduction in size of the existing radar circuits. With increased compactness, the system’s electronics properties will exhibit improved performance in terms of shorter signal paths, less noise, better temperature control, easier mechanical design etc.

More compact radar modules will make it less expensive and easier to build phased array radar systems which, in combination with an overall reduced size of the radar, will enable a range of new applications for Doppler radars. LTCC compatible ferrite materials will also be investigated with the aim to embed non-reciprocal components such as circulators and isolators in a LTCC module.

The objective is to create a Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics (LTCC) front-end module for an X-band Doppler radar.

Completed: 2010

Completed by


Thomas Jensen