Metamaterial Homogenization and Antenna Miniaturization

By Troels Vejle Hansen

Some of the major challenges of antenna miniaturization are to maintain an acceptable bandwidth and efficiency when reducing the antenna size. Recent (2008-2009) research at EMS have shown that highly miniaturized antennas are archived when using innovative resonant structures of the type suggested for unit cells of certain metamaterials, and furthermore employing magnetic materials, makes it possible to approach the fundamental limit of available bandwidth for a given antenna size.

The aim of this project is to expand upon and clarify the understanding regarding metamaterial homogenization and to apply it for development, design, and realization of certain metamaterials and highly miniaturized antennas that are practical in terms of bandwidth and efficiency. The latter is archived through an extensive study of several generic configurations of small antennas, which all seek to diminish the stored energy.

It is expected that a more coherent description of metamaterial homogenization will be obtained, as well as an account of pro and cons for the various types of small antennas including designs of practical value. 

Completed: 2013