Terahertz Electronics

Terahertz radiation, which is also referred to as submillimeter wave radiation, has not been extensively explored until recently due to a lack of reliable components and devices in this frequency range. Current advances in technology have made it possible to explore this portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, and to create innovative imaging and sensing techniques that hold enormous potential in biomedical, metrological and security applications.

Considering that realization of terahertz devices and systems is still heavily constrained by problems arising from technological limitations and the necessity of having extremely miniaturized circuit elements, the design process remains quite challenging.

The objective of the ongoing research is the development of advanced terahertz devices as well as high performance active imaging systems.  

Current research projects

  • OPTHER (Optically Driven Terahertz Amplifiers)
  • Terahertz Camera for Remote Detection of Material Defects and Biological and Chemical Substances


Contact persons

Associate Professor
Tom Keinicke Johansen

Associate Professor
Vitaliy Zhurbenko