Research projects

The Electromagnetic Systems group undertakes several research projects – often in close cooperation with Danish or foreign companies, research laboratories or universities.

The lists below show research projects and the previous Ph.D. projectsof the Electromagnetic Systems group . These formal projects cover the wide research area of the Electromagnetic Systems group and they span from theoretical studies to manufacturing of space flight hardware. The projects are funded from a variety of national and international sources – and often undertaken in close cooperation with external partners.


Selected current research projects    

  • Spherical N.-F. Antenna Test Facility (ESA)
  • P-Band HPA Technology Assessment (ESA/ESTEC)
  • InP DHBT MMIC Technology for Millimeter-Wave Power (IN-POWER)
  • Passive and electro-optic polymer photonics and InP electronics integration for multi-flow Terabit transceivers at edge SDN switches and data-center gareways (PANTHER)
  • Dual-polarized compact first-order P-band probe for spherical near-field antenna measurements (Superprobe+)
  • ESA-Phaseless
  • SEES
  • Artic NanoSat Antenna
  • QAMeleon
  • MetOp
  • Time
  • Micro-Shield


Selected previous PhD and research projects
26 NOVEMBER 2020